Family Dentistry

  • Dental exam and cleaning for children

We see children and young adults, from age 1 to 18, too.   Just like with adult patients, they receive examination, age-appropriate X rays and cleaning.   Parents will be notified of any concern or treatment suggestion during or at the end of the appointment.  

  • Fluoride varnish and fluoride supplement 

Fluoride varnish and fluoride supplement are usually recommended for children and young adults.   Fluoride varnish strengthens their teeth at the surface layer;  fluoride supplement ( which is a pill that’s taken daily from age 6 months to 16 years old by patients who live in water-nonfluoridated towns ) strengthens the internal layer of the teeth.  Both of them increases the teeth’s ability to resist the bacteria’s acidic attack and prevent cavities. 

  • Sealant

Some newly erupted permanent teeth ( adult teeth ) during age 6-14 have deep grooves on their biting surfaces which easily trap food and remain at the bottom of these grooves.    Toothbrush can’t reach to the bottom of these grooves and clean them.  With time, it will develop cavities.  Sealant is the solution to groovy teeth.  It seals the deep grooves with flowy resin material so that food debris cannot fall into the grooves and bacteria cannot get in there to create cavities either.  The procedure of applying sealant on teeth is quick and no pain.  After cleaning the biting surface of the teeth, etch the tooth with acid to create porous surface for the resin and apply bonding agent similar to glue to the resin, sealant is applied to the grooves and a blue light beam is shone on the tooth to harden it. You can eat and drink like usual after the procedure.