Dental Exams & Digital X-Rays

  • Initial visit

Welcome to the Wilbraham Dental Associates, a top-notch dental practice that’s professional, family-friendly and quality-driven.  We uses advanced modern dental technology and equipment in the office to offer comprehensive dental care to the neighborhood of Wilbraham and surrounding towns.  Thank you for visiting our practice and considering it to be your permanent dental home.  For most adult patients, your initial visit usually comprises a comprehensive exam, a full mouth series of X ray, charting of the teeth and gum and regular cleaning.  At the end of appointment, we will let you know the result of our evaluation and suggest any treatment to help you achieve your optimal oral health.  

  • Periodical visit  

Twice a year ( every 6 months ), most patients return for regular dental checkup and cleaning.  The exam  (aided with X rays and measurement of gum tissue at alternate visits) and a thorough cleaning of your teeth help maintain your oral health in its top shape.  

  • Emergency visit ( toothache, broken or lost filling, dental trauma etc )

Call us at (413) 279-2016 and schedule an appointment if you experience toothache, swollen face, broken tooth, broken filling, lost filling and trauma to the teeth etc.   We will find an earliest appointment time to accommodate your needs, whether you are a current or new patient.  

  • Digital X rays  

We use many types of modern dental technologies in our office, which includes digital X ray.   Digital x ray offers immediate high definition X ray images to aid the examination of your teeth.  Digital X ray film shows up on the computer screen the second it’s taken and can be further enlarged to reveal the details of the teeth.    Digital X ray has very low levels of radiation exposure.  Dental x-rays are one of the lowest radiation dose performed. A routine exam which includes 4 bitewings is about 0.005 mSv, which is less than 0.01 msv,  natural background radiation received by an average person during one day and 0.05mSv, radiation received on a flight from NY to LA.   Proper shielding with lead apron is also common, which makes the potential risk even lower.  

If you are pregnant, make sure to let us know at the check-in, as two layers of lead apron will be used to shield the fetus.    Dental X-rays do not need to be delayed if you are trying to become pregnant , are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

  • Intraoral camera

We use many types of modern dental technologies in our office including intraoral camera.  It provides a close-up clinical photo to reveal the diagnostic detail of your teeth and oral tissue.   It’s essential in helping with the patient’s understanding to his/her dental conditions and treatment recommendations.